Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take part in the Primula Try me Free promotion? -
Anyone who is a UK resident and aged 16 or over is eligible to take part in this promotion.

How do I take part in the Primula Try Me Free promotion? -
To take part in this promotion and qualify for a refund you will need to;

  • Purchase a 150g promotional pack of Primula Cheese Spread (featuring the Try me Free logo) within the promotional period 31st July 2017 to 19th November 2017.
  • Visit the promotional website and complete the online registration form.
  • Provide a minimum of 15 words explaining what you think of the product.
  • Upload a photo of the promotional pack and a photo of your itemised till receipt showing purchase of a qualifying 150g tube of Primula Cheese Spread.
  • Choose whether to receive your money back via BACs bank transfer or letter cheque.
  • Make your claim within 30 days of purchase and by the deadline of 19th December 2017.

Do I need to keep my receipt? -
Please keep your original itemised till receipt even after you have made a claim as it may be required for further verification.

Which products are included in the promotion? -
Promotional 150g tubes of Original Cheese, Light Cheese, Cheese with Chives, Cheese with Ham and Cheese with Prawns.

How will I know if my claim is valid? -
After submitting your details on the promotion website you will receive an email confirming whether your application was valid or invalid within 7 days.

What refund will I receive? -
You will receive a refund for the full amount paid for your Primula Cheese Spread promotional pack, as shown on the original itemised purchase receipt, up to a maximum value of £1.59.

How will I receive my refund? -
You can choose to receive your refund via BACs directly into your nominated bank account or by a letter cheque made out to the name supplied in your online application.

How long does the refund take? -
Please allow 14 working days to receive your refund by BACs or 28 days to receive your refund by cheque.

What is the close date? -
Closing date for purchases is 23:59 on 19th November 2017. Closing date for registration of claims is 23:59 on 19th December 2017.
Claims made after this date will not be accepted.

How can I ensure my receipt is accepted? -
Please ensure your receipt;

  • shows purchase of the required product.
  • clearly shows the purchase date.
  • is dated within the required purchase period.
  • clearly shows the store from which it was purchased.
  • has not already been used for a previous entry in your household.
  • is in a file no larger than 20Mb.
  • is in the file format: jpg, png, gif or pdf

In order to make a claim you must submit a photo or scan of the itemised till receipt. Please ensure the image you are uploading;

  • clearly shows the full till receipt - take photos of the receipt in sections if it is very long and of both sides where a double sided receipt is issued as sometimes the date will appear on the reverse of the receipt.
  • can be read and is not blurry.

My till receipt has been rejected, what should I do? -
Your receipt rejection email should specify a reason for the receipt not being accepted by our system. Check the reason outlined and see more details and advice below on how to overcome the issue:

Invalid date/Invalid purchase date This means that your receipt is not valid for entry because your receipt is not dated within the promotional period. Receipts are only valid if they are dated between 31.07.2017 and 19.11.2017. They also need to be submitted to us on or before 23:59 on 19.12.2017.

Did not purchase qualifying Items This means that your receipt is not valid for entry because your receipt does not feature a valid Primula product.

Not a full receipt We need to see the entire receipt from top to bottom, including all four corners. For longer receipts, scan or take pictures in sections and select them all when uploading. You need to be sure that the store name, date of purchase, product and prices are legible in your image(s).

Not a receipt It looks like you have uploaded the wrong image as we cannot see a receipt in your photo. Please check your image file before uploading and try again.

Duplicate Each receipt is valid for one entry only and it looks like your receipt has already been entered. Check with any family members or other residents in your home to see if they have already submitted the receipt you have tried to send in.

Multiple receipts in one photo Each image should only feature one receipt. Please take an individual photo of the relevant receipt and upload again.

Not legible Blurry or unreadable receipt images will be rejected. Receipts need to clear in order to be validated. When taking pictures, lay your receipt on a flat surface in good light and hold your camera or phone parallel to it.

Where can I find a promotion pack? -
Promotional Try me Free packs of Primula Cheese Spread can be found in ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Co-op, Spar, Londis and other independent retailers.

I have a pack of Primula Cheese Spread without the promotional Try me Free logo. Can I make a claim? -
Unfortunately not. Refund claims can only be made against purchases of promotion packs showing the Try me Free logo. You will need to upload a photo of the Try me Free promotion pack in order to make claim.

How many times can I enter? -
The promotion allows one claim per household only.

Where can I read the full Terms & Conditions of the offer? -
For full terms and conditions of the promotion please visit

Where can I find out more information about Primula? -
For more information on Primula please visit

The above information doesn’t answer my question. What should I do? -
If you have a query regarding this promotion please email us at and we will be glad to help.